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We will make it known that Vassar College supports Settler colonialism.

May 11, 2014 at 8:07pm

An Apology

Hey all,

We want to make it excruciatingly clear that we are sorry to anyone we offended because we did not vet the original posters of some of the content we reblogged close enough this past week, and only focused on the content. We understand that the sources, no matter the content, can be triggering to many in our audience. We will definitely do better, as that is what y’all deserve. We have removed the posts, and will do our best not to make a similar mistake!




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    pumpernickelandcoal said: “Basically, the thing that I find most fascinating (read: deeply aggravating) is that there’s...
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    Basically, the thing that I find most fascinating (read: deeply aggravating) is that there’s a double standard— imagine...
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    lmaoooo is this supposed to be an apology you ugly saltines
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    "fightin’ racism with racism no fightin’ no fightin" ok
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    learn what an apology is fucking lol
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    Who are these Jews and what is wrong with them for hanging out with literal Nazis?
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    no fuck you stop acting like you posted legit shit that just happened to be hosted at nazi web sites. the shit you...
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    Too little. Too late.
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    fun fact: just because criticism of israel isn’t necessarily antisemitic doesnt make YOUR (or any) criticism of israel...
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    You accuse Jews of being ‘Zionist defenders’ who equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Yet we are not the ones...
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    Tokenizing members of your organization by way of saying you don’t want to tokenize members of your organization,...
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    But you’ll power through it anyway, right? I really don’t give a shit because it’s clear that any Jew that is...
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    sigh, please don’t make us tokenize the jewish members of our organization. We have many jewish students in our ranks,...
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