SJP Vassar College

The Vassar College chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine.

We will make it known that Vassar College supports Settler colonialism.

May 13, 2014 at 9:30pm

An Apology from the SJP Vassar General Body

Up until this point, the social media platforms (tumblr and twitter) associated with SJP Vassar’s name have been managed by one person and the SJP general body was not involved in decisions made about what was being posted. We condemn any and all hate speech including any form of anti-Semitism and we are deeply sorry several offensive posts were made in SJP Vassar’s name.

We are now reevaluating how social media associated with SJP Vassar will be managed as we sincerely want these outlets to reflect our mission of social justice, opposition to all forms of racism, and solidarity with the Palestinian people.


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